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A rich puree that can be eaten as it is.

You can make it delicious just by applying it to bread or adding a little to sauce or dressing as a secret ingredient of cooking!

All the materials used are organic.

Made with only pesticide-free carrots, organic sugar, and organic lemon juice.Low sugar content that is kind to the body

Sweets yellow with rich and condensed flavor.

A yellow jam with a mild sweetness that tastes like sweet potatoes for some reason

Eat beta carotene, pure orange.

Awakening orange. Rich and juicy taste that is packed with umami and sweetness in the cold of winter. Each contains 7700ug of vitamins.

 Even the same carrot has a completely different taste. I want you to eat it once! We will surely deliver the deliciousness of vegetables that you have never tasted before.

Puree Veggie
  • 身体の中からキレイを作る お酢とにんじんのダブルパワー 健康ピクルス

    All materials used are organic

    An in-house original recipe devised by an international medicinal food coordinator of ACE Veggie.All seasonings and ingredients used are organic, and the recipe is finished to reduce salt and sugar as much as possible.

  • エースベジー無農薬人参。栃木県小山市で栽培カラフルニンジン。土づくりからこだわりを、泥付き人参。自家製堆肥で人参のための土づくりをしています。

    Use only carrots grown without pesticides

    ACE Veggieの人参はもちろん、近隣の契約農家さんのこだわりの人参に合わせたピクルス液で旬の時期に漬け込みました。有機農家さんをもっと盛り上げていきたいという思いも。

  • Whole 1 bottle arrangement recipe


Thoughts on commercialization using carrots

At the beginning, not only carrots but also small quantities of many kinds of gorgeous vegetables were sold as a set.

Among them, I originally liked carrots, so while eating, comparing and cultivating various carrots,

Even the same carrot has a completely different taste depending on the cultivation method and the environment in which it grows ...

I realized that I was captivated by carrots.

Of course, we do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.The umami, sweetness and deliciousness of carrots can be fully brought out by the method of carefully cultivating from soil preparation.

Since it is cultivated without using pesticides, it is based on the idea of diseases and insects.

The time to eat deliciously is from November to March.

Ginseng is said to have high health effects because vitamins A, B and C can be taken at once. Feel free to eat the carrots cultivated with particular care at any time.

Moreover, it looks gorgeous and can be displayed on the table!

With that in mind, we made bottling pickles that can be delivered anywhere in the year.

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