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Asia Oceania, Kanada, Central America, Middle East, Europe South America / Africa United States (including overseas territories such as Guam)
1kg gift box 1,500 yen 1870 yen 2440 yen 6000 yen
2kg gift box 2400 yen 3070 yen 4240 yen 6000 yen


  • 3 kinds in the Giftbox

    A recipe that uses organic pure rice vinegar and organic lemon juice to take advantage of the aroma of nuts and the sweetness of raisins.

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  • Lemonade rape & Adult Carrot Pickles

    A simple carrot pickles that makes the best use of the taste of carrots, which have a strong taste and aroma.

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  • 5 kinds in the Box

    Lemonade carrot rape, Dessert pickles Butternuts squash, small Dessert pickles carrot, small Adult carrot pickles, carrot purre sweetyellow.

自家堆肥で土作りからこだわるエースベジーの人参とバターナッツカボチャ 全て手作業で人参を栽培しています

We, ACE Veggie produce and sell special carrots as well as carrot-based processed foods.

Based on through researches on how to make delicious carrots, we have arrived at the cultivationmethod that makes the most of the original vitality of carrots. We do not use pesticides norfertilizers to honor the slow growths of carrots. Handmade compostsgive some great toughness toour carrots.  For composts, we use different materials depend on the season, such as residuals ofvegetables, coffee grounds after dripping, and rice bran.  Everything is grown by our hands in ourwell-managed fields.

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