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◆Limited quantity◆<br> Butternut squash <br>pickles

◆Limited quantity◆<br> Butternut squash <br>pickles

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A cute butternut squash that looks like a gourd. It is a pumpkin that is so sweet that it is called honey nut pumpkin overseas. We used butternut squash grown by ACE Veggie without the use of pesticides.

Pickles made by soaking butternut pumpkin harvested and ripened during the season in a pickle liquid using organic pure rice vinegar, organic apple vinegar, and organic lemon juice. I reduced sugar as much as possible and took advantage of the sweetness of figs and raisins. The aroma and texture of nuts are also an accent. It is also recommended when you want to eat something sweet but you are on a diet. It goes well with cream cheese!

You can make chili sauce of chicken (or shrimp) with a whole bottle arrangement recipe!

◆ Ingredients ◆ Butternut squash (produced in Tochigi prefecture) / Organic concentrated lemon juice / Organic rice vinegar
/ Organic apple cider vinegar / Organic figs / Organic cashew nuts / Organic walnuts / Organic almonds / Organic raisins / Salt / Organic spice mix (contents 200g)

* 28 items of allergies We use walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds, and apples, which are specified raw materials.

* Due to the polyphenol component contained in the thin skin of walnuts, discoloration of nuts can be seen, but there is no problem with the quality.

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