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Puree to eat <br> Rich sweets yellow

Puree to eat <br> Rich sweets yellow

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Only rare yellow carrots cultivated without pesticides were used.

Is this sweet potato? Kuri-kinton? The puree is so rich and sweet that you can think of it. This is the surprisingly delicious carrot⁉.

We are particular about the manufacturing method and steam it instead of boiling it.I want you to taste the deliciousness of carrots as they are, so I finish it with a low sugar content.

All the materials used are organic.No preservatives or colorings are used.

Vegetable puree is often used as a base for cooking, but it is a delicious puree that can be eaten as it is. You can add it to the bread as it is, or add it to the sauce or dressing as a secret ingredient to make it delicious.


Name: Eat puree (Sweets Yellow) Contents: 120g

Ingredient name: carrot (produced in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture), organic sugar, organic lemon juice


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