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Lemonade rape & Adult Carrot Pickles Gift box 1kg

Lemonade rape & Adult Carrot Pickles Gift box 1kg

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It is a set of 2 bottles of lemonade carottes and adult carrot pickles.

Two sets of pickled carrots made with white wine, which goes well with alcohol, and lemonade rache pickles, which are a little sweet and recommended for those who are not good at carrots.

Delivered in a gift box.I will enclose the product description and the arrangement recipe card.

* Adult carrot pickles *******

A little adult pickle with cloves and luxurious use of organic white wine.

The recipe is made by suppressing the sweetness and making the best use of the deliciousness of carrots and the umami of white wine. I cut it into sticks and left the texture as much as possible. Pickles that go well with wine and other alcoholic beverages.

With the remaining pickle liquid, you can make "pork cartilage boiled in brown sugar" with a recipe that arranges a whole bottle!

◆ Raw materials ◆ Carrot (produced in Tochigi Prefecture) / Organic White wine/ Organic apple cider vinegar / Organic sugar / Domestic salt / Organic spice mix / Organic cloves (contents 200g)

* 28 items of allergies We use apples, which are specified raw materials.

* Alcohol of white wine is skipped, but please refrain from those who are worried or pregnant.

* Lemonade Carottes Rache Pickles *******

Carottes-style pickles made with organic apple cider vinegar and organic concentrated lemon juice.

Fruity acidity and sweetness like lemonade. The pickles are fluttering and ribbon-shaped, and are recommended for people who are not good at carrots.

A whole bottle arrangement recipe! Then, you can make "Chicken lemon boiled style" using pickled liquid as a seasoning. You can enjoy pickles and main dishes in one bottle.

◆ Ingredients ◆ Ginseng (produced in Tochigi Prefecture) / Organic concentrated lemon juice / Organic apple cider vinegar / Organic sugar / Organic spice mix / Salt (contents 190g)
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