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Pesticide-free carrots and organic seasoning only *Carrot pickles gift set *Free shipping

Pesticide-free carrots and organic seasoning only *Carrot pickles gift set *Free shipping

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lemonade carrot rapees  When  adult carrot pickles  It will be a set of two.

Use only pesticide-free carrots, organic seasonings, and pickle liquid to make the main dish!

A set of 2 pieces: carrot pickles made with white wine that goes well with alcohol, and lemonade lape pickles that are slightly sweet and recommended for those who don't like carrots.

Delivered in a gift box.I enclose the explanation of the product and the arrangement recipe card.

*Adult carrot pickles******

A slightly grown-up pickle made with organic white wine and cloves.

The sweetness is suppressed, and the recipe makes use of the deliciousness of carrots and the umami of white wine. I cut it into sticks and left the texture as much as possible. It's a pickle that goes well with alcohol such as wine.

The leftover pickle liquid can be used to make "Pork cartilage simmered in brown sugar" with a whole bottle arrangement recipe!

◆Raw materials◆ Carrot (produced in Tochigi Prefecture)/organic White wine/ organic apple cider vinegar/ organic granulated sugar/ domestic salt /organic spice mix /organic cloves (contents 200g)

*We use apples, which are 28 specific ingredients for allergens.

*Although the alcohol in the white wine is skipped, please refrain from using it if you are concerned or pregnant.

*Lemonade carrot lape pickles*****

Carrot rapee-style pickles made with organic apple cider vinegar and organic concentrated lemon juice.

Fruity acidity and sweetness like lemonade. It's fluttering and ribbon-shaped, and it's a recommended pickle for those who don't like carrots.

A whole bottle arrangement recipe! So, you can make "chicken boiled in lemon style" using the pickle liquid as a seasoning. You can enjoy pickles and main dishes in one bottle.

◆Ingredients◆Carrots (produced in Tochigi Prefecture)/organic concentrated lemon juice/organic apple cider vinegar/organic sugar/organic spice mix/salt (contents 190g)

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