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Pesticide-free Colorful Carrots *Sold out for this season

Pesticide-free Colorful Carrots *Sold out for this season

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Thank you for visiting our website.

ACE Veggie's carrot harvest has ended this season. We will start selling delicious carrots in December, so please look forward to it.

We will inform you about the start of sales on Instagram and HP!


Making soil for carrots.The taste of carrots changes with the soil.

ACE Veggie's special carrot made by a carrot researcher who knows the characteristics and deliciousness of carrots

Since 2013, we have grown organic vegetables from our home garden in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture.

During her pregnancy, she became unable to eat the vegetables she had grown in her own field because they had too strong a flavor.

Carrots in particular are successful in cultivating sweet and flavorful colorful carrots every year.

We ferment all the powder after extracting coffee, rice bran, and inedible parts of vegetables, and make our own compost to create the soil we are particular about.

Because it is a field that is not large, it is possible to grow carrots that are well managed and have a condensed flavor.

ACE Veggie carrots are in season from December to March.

Please try the delicious carrots at this time of year, when it gets colder and the sweetness increases.


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