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Lemonade Carrot Trape & Dessert Pickles ~ Carrot Nuts ~ ◆ Giftbox Set

Lemonade Carrot Trape & Dessert Pickles ~ Carrot Nuts ~ ◆ Giftbox Set

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Delivered in a gift box. Please use it for all kinds of gift scenes such as gifts, souvenirs, baby gifts and Mother's Day.

※The photograph is an image.Adult carrot pickles and dessert pickles-carrot nuts-one each is put in a gift box, and the product recipe is also enclosed.

◇ Lemonade Carrot Trape ◇

Carrot trape-style pickles using organic apple cider vinegar and organic lemon juice.

Fruity taste and sweetness like lemonade. This pickle is cut into fluttering ribbons and is recommended for those who are not good at carrots.

[Contents 190g] ◆ Ingredients: Ginseng (produced in Tochigi Prefecture) / Organic concentrated lemon juice / Organic apple cider vinegar / Organic sugar / Organic spice mix / Salt (Allergen: Apple)

◇ Dessert pickles ~ Carrot nuts ~ ◇

 A recipe that uses organic pure rice vinegar and organic lemon juice to take advantage of the aroma of nuts and the sweetness of raisins. The texture of the carrots is soothing that you can enjoy a different taste from other pickles.

Although sugar is reduced as much as possible, pickles are also recommended desserts when you want to eat something sweet.

Arrange recipe * Sweet and spicy tteokbokki

[Contents 230g] ◆ Ingredients: Ginseng (Tochigi prefecture / organic pure rice vinegar / organic concentrated lemon juice / organic apple cider vinegar / organic sugar / organic almond / organic walnut / organic raisin / domestic salt / organic spice mix (allergen: apple)・ Almond, walnut, cashew nut)

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